Meet The Coaches

Coach Rhia

  • Nutritionist Certification​

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

  • Prenatal Fitness Training Certified

Rhia's passion for health and nutrition stems from a background in nursing. At 19 years old she started her career as a nurse, expecting to find a rewarding career of helping others achieve their best health yet, only to find out that the world of western medicine involves a lot less health promotion than she expected. 

Within her first few years of working as a nurse she even started experiencing some health concerns of her own, involving a serious lack of energy and ability to get through the day, and none of her colleagues in the medical field could get to the bottom of it. 

That is when she turned to nutrition and fitness to help turn her life around for the better. After discovering that the cause for so many of her health concerns were either due to under-eating, a poorly balanced diet, or a lack of movement, she dove right into all things health and wellness. This allowed her to greatly improve or reverse all of her health concerns while also losing 15 lbs and getting into her best shape yet. 

In 2022, while in the process of trying to conceive, Rhia began taking continuing education courses to become certified in both prenatal and postpartum training and used this education throughout her own pregnancy and in her postpartum return to fitness, as well as to provide safe and effective programs for her clients. 

Her passion now lies in helping other busy new moms balance their diets and improve their lifestyles in order to feel and perform at their absolute best. She has a special interest in women health and loves working with clients in the childbearing years, helping them thrive throughout pregnancy and postpartum phases of life, as she understands the challenges but also the rewards of prioritizing personal health during these times of transition in a moms life, and aspires to help as many people through it as she can. 

Along with online coaching through Well Within, Rhia also coaches in person group fitness classes at Orangetheory Fitness Nanaimo. 


Rhia likes to not only address fitness and nutrition with her clients but also goes into how our daily habits such as sleep, stress, hydration, and so much more effect us. You can be assured that when working with her all aspects of your lifestyle will be transformed for the better! 

Coach Sahara

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Sports Nutritionist Certification

Sahara spent most of her life as an athlete before she entered the fitness and nutrition field. Growing up as a competitive dancer and nationally ranked boxer she was no stranger to the term “discipline”. She was involved in an accident in her early 20’s that put an end completely to the sports she participated in and dancing all together. Injury and trauma led to a serious spiral of weight gain and health issues. 


Sahara has always been someone who likes to defeat the odds so it was no surprise when she stepped into a gym 3 years and 140lbs later that she was going to crush her goals. In the last 3 years she has not only lost a significant amount of weight but has also ran numerous races including a half-marathon along with competing in a bodybuilding show and prepping for a second that was unfortunately cancelled due to the 2020 pandemic.


She believes that you can conquer and defeat the odds if you can push through the barriers in your life and she wants you to be your own hero and complete any goals you put your mind to. 


Saharas passion now lies in helping others transform their bodies and life in the same way that she did. She works with clients who have past experience with coaching programs and are looking to put in the work and get serious about reaching their goals with her help.


She is also very aware of the fact that mental and physical health go hand in hand and wants to help women of all walks of life find their balance in life.  Her methods are real, honest and ask you to dig deep but we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed 



Meet The Coaches