Well Mama

6-week prenatal fitness coaching program

Hey mama!

Are you looking to improve or maintain your health and fitness level during pregnancy to support the wellness of both you and your little one? Then this program is for you!


Well mama is a 6 week fitness program designed to improve strength, mobility, and overall well-being for  prenatal mamas currently in their 1st or 2nd trimester. 


This program will not only educate you on the importance of exercise during this exciting time in your life, but will also teach you how to safely and effectively train for two, leading to so many potential benefits for you and baby such as;


  • Reduction of back pain 

  • Ease of constipation 

  • Decreased risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and need for cesarean delivery

  • Promoting healthy levels of weight gain during pregnancy 

  • Improving your overall fitness and strengthening the heart and blood vessels 

  • Improved stress tolerance for baby during labour and delivery

  • Improved rates of growth and development for baby 

Whats Included?

Well mama is a one-on-one program that includes a customized training plan accessed through our client training app, along with weekly check ins with our prenatal coach. 

This program also includes a prenatal focused training and nutrition education guide you will receive in the form of a PDF e-book.

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